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You Have Reached 90% Of Your Data This Month.

3 Questions that you will eventually ask as a young adult. We have all had that “talk” with our parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. You know, the “It’s time you start ...

Georgia State University Group Project

13 Terrifying Truths About Group Projects

1. Getting everyone in the group to meet at the same time is nearly impossible. 2. You get the assignment, get excited, and think, “This time is going to be ...

Men's Basketball 2014 Sun Belt Champs

9 Reasons Why the GSU Basketball Team is Going to Rock New Orleans #AllBlueAllIn

1. Because all of GSU is PUMPED!             2. Because our Men know how to make shots like these…           3. ...

22 years to carve a pumpkin!

Am I the only one who hasn’t carved a pumpkin? Well, I have now, but it’s taken 22 years to do so.  I got the assignment to carve the 100-year ...

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Several years ago, through the Aga Khan Development Network, a community organization where I have volunteered since the age of 12, I wrote and directed a play addressing domestic violence, underage drinking and teen pregnancy. As a result of this experience I realized the importance of sharing stories like those of the young women I had interviewed for the play. Everyone has a story. In addition to contributing to Students in the City, I currently write, produce and host a campus news show for Georgia State, called @GSU_News, for which I get to learn about some of the many people and organizations on campus and highlight their stories on the show. Upon completing my degree in journalism, I hope to bring about positive change in the media by redefining what constitutes news.