10 Emojis That Describe Recent Graduates!

1. The over-populated question of  “So, what’s next for you?”


2. You question everything and anything you have ever accomplished.


3. You’ll look back on old photographs from Freshman year wondering who in the world let you out of the dorm wearing that.


4. Indeed, Monster and Jobs.com are your new social media platforms.


5. Instant adrenaline when you hear the new email notification thinking it is a job wanting to hire you. (But it’s not; it’s Indeed recommending jobs that are 2,346 miles away from you).


6. Binge-watching Netflix has almost become a skill set for your resume.


7. Seeing everyone’s “Going Away” parties on Instagram and you slowly curl right back in your bed


8. You’ll realize that your non-family plan cell phone is actually kind of expensive.

Phone Bill Exspensive

9. The thought of running out of your graduation money is unimaginable. I mean, how will you eat?


10. And finally, you’ll realize that not knowing what is going to happen to you is normal, and everyone is going through it. Think of it as a quarter-life crisis.


- www.johnny-self.com

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