12 Ways To Be Cool With Your Professor Without Being A Teacher’s Pet

12 Ways To Be Cool With Your Professor Without Being A Teacher’s Pet


1. Get to class a few minutes early or stay a few minutes after in order to properly introduce yourself.


2. Go to their office hours.

office hours to

3. Actively partake in class discussions, but don’t speak just to hear yourself talk.


4. Sit in the front row of the class.

front row

…Well, sit pretty much anywhere. Just avoid the dark abyss of the very back.

5.  Email your professor any questions or comments you may have about the course.


6.  Turn in all class assignments on time.

assignments in on time

7. Pay attention and try not to be on your phone during class.

Texting in class

…Key word, try.

8. Add them on LinkedIn.

gsu linkedin

9. Be respectful of how you speak to them.

 human too

…Remember, professors are people too.

10. Don’t be late and don’t skip class.

skip class

11. Address them by their correct title.


…Especially if they have received their PhD. They take pride in their hard work and want to be addressed properly.

12. Seek life advice from them.

life advice

…Chances are, your professor has a lot of great insight that could help guide you towards your personal goals.



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