21 Things that Make You a Freshman

Ahh…freshmen at Georgia State. Welcome to one of the most craziest, memorable, and FRESHest years of your Georgia State. We, upperclassmen, can spot you a mile a way. Here are 21 Things that Make You a Freshman at Georgia State


1. You wear an Incept Bag.


2. You either get really dressed up for class…

3. …or you wear sweatpants to class.

4. You look forward to going to “Plaza”.


When you become an upperclassman, you HATE going to the library Plaza…

5. You think Greeks strolling in plaza is the coolest thing ever.


6. You will probably show up late for the first Panther Prowl and it will probably already be over capacity. So you probably won’t be able to get in…


7. …then you will despise hearing from your friends how fun and crazy the first Panther Prowl was…


8. …Therefore, you will be the first in line for the second Panther Prowl.

9. You will probably change your major at least three times before the end of the year.


10. You will procrastinate until the night before to do 90% of your papers/homework assignments.


In actually this will apply when you become a senior as well.

11. Consequently, you will find out for the first time ever what we upperclassmen like to call an, “All nighter”.

12. You will also learn the art of cramming.

13. If you live on campus, you will probably go home every weekend to see your family.


Aww…how precious!

14. In the beginning, you will hang around the people you went to high school with..

15. …And then you will begin to forget they exist.


Yay, new friends!

16. You dread going to the Commons Mile math lab every week.

17. You will build memories that you will reminisce over for the rest of your life.

Ahh…I remember when I was a freshmen.

18. You will also do unbelievably crazy things.

In later years, you will ask yourself over and over again, “What the %$#@ was I thinking!?”

19. You will get your first taste of freedom that you have longed for your whole life.


Oh and it tastes great until you have to start doing your own laundry, cook for yourself, and paying your own bills.

20. This is the year you will begin to realize how much your parents were right about everything.


Thanks mom and dad! Sorry for putting you through hell in high school.

21. You will gain friendships that will last a lifetime.




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