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Back to School: Are you ready?

As I held GSU’s admission offer letter in my hand, I envisioned a future with endless possibilities. And yet I was extremely doubtful of taking the plunge. Back then, I had a preschooler who had never stayed with a baby- sitter, a road warrior for a husband and I was looking at, evening classes!  Would all of that fit together?

And then, I met my wonderful advising counselor. “This will have to be a family decision.” she advised. So we had a little round table conference. She talked to me, my husband and yes, to my preschooler too! She got to know us and our limitations. My husband offered to be home on Monday evenings, whenever possible. The counselor picked two classes, a Saturday morning and a Monday evening class to get me started. Logistics looked like a hurdle race and I wasn’t quite prepared for things to come.  My counselor helped me map out a realistic path towards a successful MBA program. That first initial step set the ball rolling. Now, I’m three fourths into the program, chugging along fine…

If you’re going back to school, I would urge you to establish a great relationship with your counselor. They are experienced in building successful roadmaps that’s unique to every student. They are familiar with roadblocks that students often encounter and can warn you in advance. Most of them are culturally sensitive and are quick to perceive any issues that could be lurking in the background. Finally, they are extremely knowledgeable on resource management and can guide you towards a better experience while studying in college.

Don’t forget to thank them for the time and effort!

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  1. I always hated school. Don’t know why. I wasn’t a pet pupil in school and in the university I wasn’t a pet student. Later, I became an author and a college dissertation writer on such subjects as Education and Communication. What a fate.

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