3 Ways To Grab Your Future Employer’s Attention!

3 Ways To Grab You Future Employer’s Attention!


Applying for jobs is a very tedious and technical process. I want to share 3 tips with you on how to grab your future employers attention.

 1. Social Media:

Following the company’s social media accounts and communicate with them. Just about every business out there is on social media, or at least knows what it is. And no matter how many followers an account may have, I promise you that there is someone on the other side of that screen. Posting, reading and hopefully, replying back to you! Maybe tag them in a post, or write them a direct message saying why you liked their page and that you are now subscribing to their network. Businesses LOVE hearing about why people love them.

 2. Stylized Resume:

Show off a little bit. Look at it like this; you are essentially competing with 100’s of applicants, heck, maybe even 1000’s! How are you going to stand out to your employer? Breaking out of that comfort box and adding some style to your resume is the easiest way to show them a little bit of “you”. Add a little color, maybe some creative alternatives than just bullet points. (Here’s my resume for example)

3. Write A Handwritten Note

Once you apply for a job find out who their hiring manager is. Then, Google their information so you can send them a hand written note. Writing a note explaining who you are, what you are applying for and thanking them for their time. Sounds crazy, right? A hand written note is so rare to people these days it can easily better your chances of landing that job. Think about it “Oh, your Johnny? You’re the one who wrote me the hand written thank you card!”



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