5 Secret Places To Park On Campus, For Free!

5 Spots you didn’t know you could park on campus.


Let’s face it. We all hate driving to campus. It doesn’t make it easier with all of these new detours popping up everytime you want to take a right turn. Not only is that an unbearable process during 8AM/5PM traffic, but finding a spot to park is just as bad. What if I told you I knew some spots to park downtown, for free?  (Do I have your attention yet?) Yes, I said FREE.

              1.Across from Patton Hall:

Across From Patton

  • Have fun making your way through detours and potholes to get to these spots. If you can make it through the “apocalyptic-ish” roads, they are free to park in! Located next to the University Lofts on campus.

              2.Under the Bridge:

Under The Bridge

  • Attached to College of Education are at least 4 parking lots. Keep driving and take a left under the bridge where you will find parking space for at least 23 cars. Tip: Don’t park near the fire hydrant (obviously) and don’t park in that little reserved parking lot which is also under the bridge. If you look on the wall of the reserved lot, it will say no parking unless with permit. Trust me, I’ve gotten towed there before.

             3. Auburn Avenue 3 free spots:

Auburn Ave

  • These 3 spots may be for you if you take classes at Aderhold. They are located right next to 25 Park Place. If you can get there early enough, they are yours for the grabbing, for free.

         4 .Turner Field:

Turner Field


  • This is a no brainer guys. Plenty of free parking at Turner Field on certain days and specific times. Register your car to get a parking permit at http://parking.gsu.edu/. Ok, there is one catch to this. If you don’t move your car by the specific time and day that Turner Field provides you with, then you will be towed. And I’m not kidding, these people don’t play when it comes to clearing a lot to get their Braves’ fans in the stadium. Just for you, here’s the Brave’s schedule with the times and days to park : http://parking.gsu.edu/turnerfieldschedule/


              5.Across from the Commons:

Commons Parking

  • Ok, this one is not free, but I still had to share it. There is a parking lot which is open to the public right across from the GSU Commons. I was actually shocked to find out that it is only $5 for 24 hour parking.

Hope this helps!




 Georgia State

4 Responses to 5 Secret Places To Park On Campus, For Free!

  1. Just a heads up, the parking across from Patton is for the medical office. I’ve seen people bring towed because they weren’t a patient there.

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