5 Reasons Why YOU Should go to the Homecoming Royal Ball


1. The food is ALWAYS amazing
One of the most unexpected things at the Homecoming Royal Ball is how amazing the food always is. My friends always know that if I am not on the dance floor then I am totally somewhere stuffing my face. The small bites are fancy, but just right for snacking.
Georgia State Rocks!

2. It’s like a huge Georgia State family reunion
There is nothing like seeing all your friends in one place. This place for me has been the Homecoming Royal Ball every year. Every year some alumni come to the ball to see old friends. It’s also super likely that you will see friends you haven’t seen since freshman year, and people who you haven’t had the time to spend time with. The homecoming ball is the perfect mixture of friends, good laughs, good times, and a place where everyone is happy and spreading positive vibes.10668943_850952808301448_1967377360968898517_o


3. The venue is always gorgeous
For the past three years Georgia State has been great at picking locations where students can not only explore the city, but be in an environment that fits the stature and occasion of it being called a “Royal Ball.” In 2014 the ball was at the Fox, in 2015 Fernbank was a beautiful site for pictures and an evening of glitz and glamor in the city, and this year AmericasMart will be the backdrop for a night of temptation and mystery.1669765_850952758301453_6809993053637975074_o


4. The Royal Court performance is almost better than watching “Dancing with the Stars”
It’s pretty great. They spend weeks working on the choreography and it’s always an awesome sight to see.10633379_850952921634770_6779025705568253140_o


5. The music and energy is perfect for you to dress your best and get boogie on the dance floor
It’s just one of those events you have to check off on your Georgia State bucket list. How often do you actually get to dress up, dance the night away, have fun with your friends, and meet new people? It’s the perfect opportunity to bring out your best moves.10658542_850953091634753_4963646280965633439_o


We hope to see you all with your best moves and dancing shoes at the Royal Ball. Tickets can still be purchased at the ticket booth in Student Center West and online while supplies last.

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