5 Reasons You and Your Friends Should Go to Georgia State Night at Netherworld


10532651_861591383904257_1998561138107924160_oI remember my favorite part of Halloween was dressing up, trick-or-treating, and going to haunted mazes and houses with my friends from my high school back home in Marietta. But living downtown can make it hard to get into the sprit of Halloween.

You may not have known, but Georgia State gives you that Halloween experience. Whether you choose to trick-or-treat floor to floor in the dorms, attend a costume party in your residence hall courtyard or going to Spotlight‘s event, Georgia State uses Halloween as a social holiday to bring students together.

This year Georgia State will be taking over the Netherworld Haunted House thanks to Spotlight Programs Board. This is the first time they’ve hosted the event and I’m so excited they chose to. If you aren’t sure what this is or why you should go, I have five reasons you should grab your friends and take them to GSU Night at Netherworld!

1. The tickets are at a SUPER discounted rate of $12 for students. Usually you would pay about $20+ dollars per haunted house.

2. It’s a great chance to meet other students. Since you will be waiting in line, you can share your experiences and some great laughs and screams.

3. You can have fun with your friends or even take someone on a date. There is nothing better then finding out which one of your friends or your significant other is the scaredy cat. Or maybe it will be you ☺

4. The last couple of weeks from Midterms have been stressful. Take a break to relax, have fun and challenge yourself in a different way. Don’t forget to laugh!

5. And last but not least…IT’S HALLOWEEN! This event is sure to be the highlight of your holiday as a college student.


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