5 Tips for Choosing the Right Classes

1. Choose class times that work for you!

If  you can not handle 8:00am classes, please don’t stress yourself by doing it. In most cases people don’t have a choice, but if you can avoid it, do so! Choose class times that fit well with your day-to-day schedule as much as possible.


2. Research your professors!

You never know who the people instructing your classes may be, they could be world renowned artist, best-selling authors, award-winning researchers and etc. Once you find out the names of your professors look them up on LinkedIn, Google, Rate My Professors and even Facebook. Like I said, you never know who might be teaching your class.


3. Read the description of the class before adding it to your schedule

Make sure you know what kind of classes you are taking. If you want to have a hands-on class and not a CTW, read the description…it’s key!


4. Review your Academic Evaluation

This is really important, it helps you make sure that you actually need the classes you’re taking to graduate. The worst thing you can do is take a class for an entire semester and not have it count towards graduation.


5. Double check with your adviser

Having your adviser double check and finalize your schedule is the smartest decision. They can help tremendously and always give great tips because they know exactly what you need to graduate.




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