5 Tips for Leaving the Residence Hall for Winter Break

Fall semester has winded down before our eyes! It seems like yesterday when we were toting boxes of Ramen noodles and hugging our parents goodbye to nearly 20 weeks of projects and exams. But winter break is approaching, and just like Thanksgiving break it is time to move-out of the residence halls we’ve called home to join family and friends before the next semester begins. Here are five tips to help you move-out for the break:


1. Clean your room.

This may be your mom’s favorite command, and it may become yours after your room is sparkling clean. Don’t forget to sweep, wipe down bases, and make use of that disinfectant spray that’s been collecting dust all semester.

Students in University Lofts

2. Consider donating.

Not everyone has the pleasure of returning home for the holidays and hundreds of people in the Atlanta area are without food, clothes, and shelter, including fellow Panthers. Go through your possessions and non-perishables, research the nearest shelter facility, then donate your items that are gently used. An easy place to start is Panther Pantry, the student-run organization that accepts food donations.

Packing boxes


3. Do laundry.

Why watch your clothes pile up to the ceiling when you can just toss them in the washer and dryer then call it a day? There is a possibility that you will bring gifts back from home, so making room for them would be the smart thing to do.

Student folding laundry in University Commons dorm


4. Unplug all electronics

Your dorm room essentials are vital. Protect them by unplugging all electronics from the sockets in your room. And if you think you’ll need them over the break take them with you!

Student recording music in University Lofts dorm


5. Swap out clothes.

All ATLiens know that Georgia weather is bipolar. It could be freezing cold in the morning and warm by the afternoon. Your best bet is to take home summer clothing and bring back cozy wear. According to University Housing you will not be able to return to your room or parking deck during the break, so take everything you’ll need.

With your room clean you can begin spring semester with a clean start. And for more information about moving in and out of the residence halls, visit University Housing. Happy holidays!

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