5 Ways to Make Georgia State a Cleaner Environment

Living in downtown Atlanta we are surrounded by many things that don’t always allow the unique beauty of our campus to shine through, however we can help change that by first starting with ourselves. With that being said, I’m going to share five ways we can make Georgia State University a cleaner environment:

1. Riding Bikes & Walking

In order to minimize our carbon footprint it would be more efficient to ride bikes and walk instead of driving, and also much cheaper. Not to mention we have pretty cool bike racks all over campus and the city’s bike share program launched recently.


2. Recycling

This is an important component of keeping our environment clean because not only does it reduce the usage of energy, but it reduces air and water pollution. The university makes this simple by having many designated bins on campus just for recyclable items.

3. No Litering

This is one sure fire way to help the issue of our campus being dirty. It doesn’t take much to throw away your trash in the designated cans, not on the sidewalk. Recycling when possible is even better.


4. Re-Use

You don’t have to throw everything away! There are so many items that we waste that can be reused in some sort of way. Reuse your paper or plastic made items or check Pinterest to find out different ways to artistically or efficiently repurpose recyclable items.

5. Use less paper

We are technologically savvy now guys, so let’s use it to it’s full potential by typing notes as often as possible,  unless our professors prohibit, of course. This method makes it easier for you to save information and recover it just as fast, thus making it more reliable than a notebook that you can lose at anytime, any place and never recover.

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