60 Cool and Interesting Places on and Around Campus

Whether you’re new to campus or a seasoned Panther, there is always a new place to explore. Here are 60 of the coolest places on and around campus:

  1.  The Welcome Center in Centennial Hall
  2. The Urban Plaza–for all of your outdoor studying needs
  3. The Pounce Statue in Unity Plaza
  4. The Tunnel beneath Courtland Street–for when you don’t feel like fighting through the hordes of students in the Library Plazatunnel
  5. The Student Center East
  6. The Courtyard dinning area in the Student Center East–for when you don’t want to eat Chick-fil-A
  7. Swings between Urban Life and the Student Center East
  8. Scholarship Resource Center
  9. The Petit Science Center–it’s just a cool building
  10. Panther Dining–for all of your quick lunch and Chick-fil-A needs
  11. Area behind Petit
  12. The mysterious green space at the corner of Piedmont and Decatur Street that you’ve probably passed a million times and haven’t noticed itGreenspace
  13. The State Capital–because how many schools can boast that?
  14. Top of M-Deck
  15. Centennial Hall
  16. Centennial Cafe
  17. Great shops on Auburn Avenue
  18. The APEX Museum
  19. Woodruff Park eating area
  20. Fountains at Woodruff Parkfountains
  21. ATL play-ground structure at Woodruff Park–for when you want a smaller rock wall to climb
  22. The new College of Law building
  23. College of Law rooftopRooftop
  24. The many areas to study in the College of Law
  25. And even more study rooms in the College of Law
  26. Legal Grounds in the College of Law–because who can study without coffee?
  27. Peachtree Center–for when you need to appease your mall food cravings
  28. The Research Vault in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies–because who doesn’t want to study in a vault?
  29. The Rialto
  30. Centennial Olympic Park
  31. Balcony on Aderhold
  32. Study rooms in Aderhold
  33. The Sports Arena
  34. Cinéfest
  35. Student organization rooms on the fourth floor of Student Center West
  36. The Student Government Association office–free scantrons… duh.
  37. Park on the corner of Piedmont and Auburn
  38. Student Health Center–for all of your medical needs
  39. The Library PlazaLibrary-Plaza
  40. Study rooms in the Library
  41. Museum in the Library
  42. The quiet library floors
  43. The Streetcar
  44. Sculpture building
  45. Sweet Auburn Curb Market–for pretty much all our food needs you never even thought you had
  46. The Rec
  47. Rock Climbing wall in the Rec
  48. Bouldering room in the Rec
  49. The Game Room–pool, darts, ping pong, etc
  50. Touch The Earth–because sometimes you need an excuse to get out of the city
  51. Patton Dining Hall
  52. Hurt Park
  53. The Dome–yes, we play where the Falcons doGame
  54. Bottom floor of Dahlburg Hall–there’s a lot of Georgia State history there
  55. Area behind Dahlburg Hall
  56. Fourth floor of Student Center East
  57. Spotlight Office
  58. Digital Aquarium–for a decent amount of your technology needs
  59. Career Service Center–for your job placement needs
  60. Greek Courtyard–for your greek needs

What are your favorite areas?

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