Welcome to Students in the City, a blog featuring stories from the lives of Georgia State University students.

Let’s be honest, Georgia State is not a traditional university.

However, the traditional campus atmosphere is achieved in its own way. From strolling in the plaza at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to designated meeting places and impromptu gatherings around the housing districts, and late night food with friends at Anatolia Cafe, students have created their own traditions while studying in the middle of metropolitan Atlanta.

Georgia State students are on a journey that is unique and challenging. Some of us work one, two, or even three jobs while attending school. Some of us have left home for the first time and are just discovering how to do laundry and make mac and cheese. Some students have children of their own, some even have grandchildren. Some of us are the first of our families to attend college.  We manage our daily lives and school work, many of us doing so while commuting from one commitment to another, with the hope that one day soon we will proudly walk across the graduation stage in our caps and gowns and take on a whole new set of challenges and experiences.

The contributors of this blog represent just a few of the many classifications of students at Georgia State. Through our blog posts we hope to create an online community bringing past, present, and future students together. As you navigate this site, be sure to check out the team profiles. We hope you will find at least one student who is likeminded and who’s entries will be of interest or inspiration to you.