An Introduction of Sorts: Noah Clement

Hello fellow students, blog readers, adventurers, and friends! First, I’d like to thank recent grad and former blogger Donte for passing the torch on to me here at Georgia State. I am extremely excited for what this opportunity holds for the future. Hopefully I can share with all of you a little about my life and the experiences I have here at Georgia State and throughout downtown Atlanta. Each semester I’ve noticed that I experience more and more of what Atlanta and Georgia State have to offer, and I hope to ignite this flame of exploration within each one of you.


My name is Noah Clement. Currently, I am a sophomore studying film. I am interested in both making films and photography. Other interests of mine that might spark your attention are exploring Atlanta, local music, and my massive appetite for some good food. This thrill of adventure and trying new things has shown me the city in ways I would have never seen if I had not lived on campus my first year. Even the friends I made my first semester have stayed with me throughout this exploration of Atlanta.  The more I began to spend time here, the more and more I experienced the urban life that is Atlanta. I mean how many college students can say they’ve been to a 24-hour Chick-Fil-A or been on set for the Netflix Original: Stranger Things? Atlanta is one amazing, growing city full of possibilities.

My hopes for this blog post are to challenge you to explore our amazing city and find your own interesting spots that only those true to Atlanta know about. I even hope to hear from you about the places you find and the experiences you create. I look forward to showing you some of the things in Atlanta I find to be the most influential in my life, and I hope to see you out there!

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