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Bio: Several years ago, through the Aga Khan Development Network, a community organization where I have volunteered since the age of 12, I wrote and directed a play addressing domestic violence, underage drinking and teen pregnancy. As a result of this experience I realized the importance of sharing stories like those of the young women I had interviewed for the play. Everyone has a story. In addition to contributing to Students in the City, I currently write, produce and host a campus news show for Georgia State, called @GSU_News, for which I get to learn about some of the many people and organizations on campus and highlight their stories on the show. Upon completing my degree in journalism, I hope to bring about positive change in the media by redefining what constitutes news.

(Maymester + Math ≠ Pool Time)

It’s the last day of Maymester Math Modeling, and I am so relieved it…


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gsu students celebrate election night 2012 in the student center

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