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Bio: Born and raised in New York, it was inevitable that I would find myself living in the City. However, this time around the City was called Atlanta. With my mind set on skyscrapers and busy streets, I applied to Georgia State University in the fall of 2010. I joined the class of 2015, which was the largest incoming freshman class Georgia State had ever enrolled. Now a senior at Georgia State, I am a marketing major with aspirations of working with a highly regarded company upon graduation in December, 2015. On the campus of Georgia State University, I have worked in the University Housing, International Student and Scholar Services, Public Relations and Marketing Communications, and Campus Events offices. As part of the Georgia State Ring Committee, I contributed to the design of the official ring from start to finish. I also serve as a student ambassador for Georgia State through the 1913 Society. With my many experiences on campus and around the City, I am eager to blog about them in a way students will relate to.

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