Balance That Internship Equation!

I recently attended a couple of workshops at 245 University Center on how to land internships and I’d love to share some takeaways. First of all, landing an internship requires tons of input across a timeline, some of which are mentioned below.

Internships = Type of degree + Previous work exp + References + KPI count + GPA + resume + cover letter…

Not everyone has that perfect, ideal equation to land an internship that is aligned to their career  goal. For example, some may have great references, while some may lack KPI (Key Performance Indicators) counts relevant to the industry of their choice. One way to counteract all these problems and issues is to begin the search process early. That way, you can identify your shortcomings and have ample time to work on your weak elements in the internship equation. A lot of students work backwards; they look at their ideal dream job profile, identify the KPIs, actively build references while charting their courses on the degree track early on.

Secondly, everyone’s search process is different and fraught with its own issues. Some of us work part-time or full-time to get through school and are overwhelmed by work, studies and family responsibilities, never finding time or giving priority to search process. One way around that is to work on it a little bit every day.

Last, but not the least, it’s good to find an internship that translates to learning. True, at some point in time, we’ve all had to sustain ourselves at the reception desk and make cups of coffee for the Miranda Priestleys (remember Meryl Streep in”The Devil wears Prada?”) of the world, but in that entire maze, we have to actively seek learning, and take on responsibilities that will take us a step ahead in our career fields.

Apart from advisement from all those wonderful executives at the University Career Center, Georgia State also has the PantherCareer Net that is that is actively updated to include the latest internships. No matter how early you are in your program, get going and start balancing your internship equation. All the best!

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