We have some amazing students at Georgia State University and I feel like part of my job is to bring a lot of them to your attention. I scoured the Insta-sphere to find some of the best GSU student accounts and here they are in no particular order:

Reese Blutstein


When you come across a page like this you can’t help but scroll through it all! If you want ...

Spring Break in the City

We have survived weeks of intense studying and preparing for midterms to finally celebrate one of the most refreshing parts of the semester — spring break! It’s time to ditch our books and school work for a WEEK of relaxation and fun!

Whether you are remaining on campus or heading home to a nearby city, the metro Atlanta area will have plenty of events to choose from if you want to get out and have ...


We’re approaching that time of the year when alumni come home and the entire Panther family celebrates our beloved university, HOMECOMING! If you haven’t heard, there will be great events taking place all week because we’re #HomeATLast, including the following:

1. Good Morning Georgia State

October 16th at 8:00am at Unity Plaza

Kick-off Homecoming Week with FREE breakfast in Unity Plaza. Did I mention there will be FREE breakfast?

The Atlanta Bike Share Program

Have you heard whispers of the new bike share program, but aren’t exactly sure how it works? If so you’re in the right place!


In the words of Relay Bike Share, ”bike share is good for you, good for the environment, and good for your wallet.” Take time away from driving and rent a bike for ...

Let me tell you, living on campus comes with a lot of perks.  You’re surrounded by cool people, places, and things, AND you’re also right by your classes! You honestly can’t beat that, which is why I highly recommend living on campus your freshman year of college…along with these reasons:

1. It’s convenient   

We are going to make this short and sweet…you are ...

Throughout the year we constantly push ourselves physically and/or verbally to maintain that “summer body” that we all desire to have. However, what happens when it hits the midpoint of summer? Do you only put in enough work to let your summer bodies last for one day in the sun? ABSOLUTELY NOT – we have to keep pushing so we can continue to be healthy. To help, I rounded up some cool

The HOT question of this post is: if you could go back to your freshman year, what would you do differently? I know at some point in our college years we go back to thinking about what we could have done differently to better our scholastic and personal experiences, and for me I would’ve…

1. Focused more on school work

I can’t lie, I spent so much of my freshman ...

As college students some of us can admit that we really don’t have that much money, and let’s be honest here…saving only works when you don’t see things that you want 24/7! To SEMI-cure our purchasing issues,  I decided to compile a list of different stores and websites that offer us discounts on some of the things that we need and MOST of the things that we want!

So here are some ...

I love how artistically influential Georgia State is as a school. We strive to be self-taught and excel in everything we do. Throughout the year I wanted to  be able to spotlight some of the great artists we have here at school. So here’ s a look at some of the cool student photographers you may not know about:

Chris House

Named as one of ...

In the midst of all the madness that has occurred this semester with studying, classwork and working, we often forget why choosing Georgia State University was a good choice. And that’s why I’m here, to remind you why you chose this great school and why future students will continue to choose Georgia State.

1. The Programs of Study

We offer 100 fields of study and 250 degree programs to choose from to ensure that the interests ...