If you’re reading this, I am pretty sure you’re still reminiscing about bathing in the sunbeams on a beautiful Florida beach. I, too, have shared similar sentiments about my previous spring breaks, but this year’s was a little…different.

During spring break I had an unforgettable time launching my start-up music festival smartphone app, Festivus, at two music festivals: BUKU in New Orleans, LA and

Many people are aware that Georgia State University is an institute that is working hard to grow its innovation processes; however, many of us aren’t as familiar with exactly how Georgia State University is going about this innovation. Some of it is already being implemented and other parts are a work in progress. The Chief Innovation Officer, Phil Ventimiglia, and his office are focusing on four main areas as they look to the future ...

The Style Highlight of February

Georgia State University has always been a school overflowing with great style and artistic expression. This month’s Style Highlight introduces Biology major Aminata M’baye and Marketing major Shariah Copeland. Photographed by Donte Maurice, Aminata & Shariah demonstrates how versatile winter fashion can be! Drawing inspiration from their European Mod Style influences, they consistently create a style that is captivatingly classic yet timeless.


We are constantly on the lookout ...

Why dropping out is never an option!

Being college students, we all know how difficult school can be; especially when you have so many other extracurriculars going on. If you’re like me, then you’ve most likely had the struggle of deciding whether school is STILL the right choice for you.

If so, let me help you out with that decision by breaking down some of the reasons why I made the decision to stay.

1. Time

College is seen as ...

5 Amazing On-Campus Views from GSU

5 Amazing On-Campus Views from GSU by Elijah Watkins:

Georgia State isn’t located in your typical college campus environment. It thrives in the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA.; sometimes known as the “City within in a Forest.” There are many great things that come along with going to school in a vibrant city, and one of them is the breathtaking views.  Here are five of my favorite, amazing, on-campus views from GSU…


Are you sick of eating free pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If you’re like me and answered “yes,” chances are that you’re a college student…and times can get hard.

Fortunately for us, there are some amazing discounts that will make you appreciate your Panther I.D. a little bit more…

1. Movie Theaters

Do you want to ask out that cute classmate from Aderhold to dinner and ...

Downtown Atlanta’s Newest Attraction!

What’s all the hype about?

I know, I know. Technically, the Atlanta Streetcar is making a comeback rather than an introduction, but as a senior at Georgia State who wasn’t alive in 1949 when Atlanta’s original streetcar was phased out, I’m pretty excited and you should be too; that is, if you’re a student or soon to be student in the city! ...

Some students may have certain perceptions about GSU, and this post reveals the reality behind them.



“Our campus is spread across all of downtown Atlanta and is impossible to navigate.”


The main campus of GSU stretches 4 by 7 blocks.



“GSU only wants our money and does not care about student success.”


Georgia State University was recognized as the ...

Georgia [State], On My Mind.

I’m trying to write a good-bye post and I don’t know where to start. So, I’m just going to type whatever comes to my mind first. Here goes nothing:   To Georgia State University,              Thank you? I think. I can’t think of a word or like a clever metaphor to compare you to. Your streets, classrooms and family playing as faculty has kept me ...