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  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU
  • I wish I would have…#GSU

I wish I would have…#GSU

Is there anything you wish you would’ve done at some point in your collegiate career? We spoke to upperclassman on campus and you’re not alone. In fact, we compiled a list of things that they wish they would have done as they wrap up their final year on campus.

Georgia State has so much to offer, so be sure to take advantage of every opportunity, that way when it is close to graduation you can enter ...

The Style Highlight of May

For this month’s style highlight we would like to introduce you to sophomore Julius High and freshman Hira Choudhry, who were photographed by Donte Maurice.

Julius High is a journalism major who is inspired by the minimalistic vintage style of the 80′s and 90′s. His favorite article of clothing includes none other than his tri-black turtleneck, and his favorite trend is the awesome mid-rise and striped shirts combo.


Growing up the first-born son of two Haitian immigrants, I learned at an early age my circumstances were not my destiny. I also learned in order to succeed in life I must act in spite of fear. Fear often keeps many of us from reaching to the stars and climbing the highest mountains life puts in our path. When I saw the opportunity to literally and figuratively climb ...

18 Signs That You’re a Georgia State University Senior is a post that may be relatable to any GSU student that is currently a senior, because at least one, if not all of these moments have happened to a senior at one point or another.

1. Your alarm clock goes off and you calculate how many times you’ve already missed that class this semester.

2. You decide it’s ...

If you’re reading this, I am pretty sure you’re still reminiscing about bathing in the sunbeams on a beautiful Florida beach. I, too, have shared similar sentiments about my previous spring breaks, but this year’s was a little…different.

During spring break I had an unforgettable time launching my start-up music festival smartphone app, Festivus, at two music festivals: BUKU in New Orleans, LA and

The Style Highlight of February

Georgia State University has always been a school overflowing with great style and artistic expression. This month’s Style Highlight introduces Biology major Aminata M’baye and Marketing major Shariah Copeland. Photographed by Donte Maurice, Aminata & Shariah demonstrates how versatile winter fashion can be! Drawing inspiration from their European Mod Style influences, they consistently create a style that is captivatingly classic yet timeless.


We are constantly on the lookout ...

By: Ashton Brasher

My days as a college student are numbered. That fact both excites and terrifies me. One thing is for sure, the past four years have been overwhelmingly great. College brings a lot of hardship for many. It’s expensive, it comes with a lot of hard decisions, friendships grow and fail, and so much more. That said, there’s so much we don’t realize the value of during this ...

Why dropping out is never an option!

Being college students, we all know how difficult school can be; especially when you have so many other extracurriculars going on. If you’re like me, then you’ve most likely had the struggle of deciding whether school is STILL the right choice for you.

If so, let me help you out with that decision by breaking down some of the reasons why I made the decision to stay.

1. Time

College is seen as ...

When it comes to spending your coveted refund check, here’s the truth you’re probably ignoring…

1. Your refund check is not “free money”

Unless you haven’t taken a single loan out and your scholarships cover your tuition and fees, and then some, your refund check is not “free money.” Trust me, I’ve been there. As tempting as it may be to spend it all on everything but your education, you’ll ...

14 Things You MUST Do Before You Graduate from GSU

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all of the activities, events, and office services that Georgia State University has to offer its students, and you just do not know what to take advantage of in your spare time?

Well, to make it easier on you, this list provides 14 things that you absolutely MUST do during your time as a Georgia ...