Georgia State

Culture Shock

When I moved here a year ago I didn’t think Atlanta was going to be too different compared to Vancouver, BC, where I was born and raised.

Vancouver is diverse and has all sorts of cultures and traditions but College culture is unlike anything else. College culture in Atlanta is unlike anything else!

In Vancouver, we don’t have competitive college sports teams or Greek culture, I didn’t know how to “wobble” “dougie” ...

An Introduction

Growing up, I used to shower once a week.

Sometimes during the summer it’d be a bit longer than that – but this didn’t matter because there was sand in my bed from the waves I rode that morning, and my Pacific-blown hair smelled just like the Golden Coast from which I was born.

When I started high school, my family moved to the South for my father’s job. ...

Flat. That’s the first word I think of when I think of my hometown. I would have said small, but everyone is from a “small town” nowadays. Adairsville is the name of the one-stoplight town where I lived prior to my transfer to Georgia State. I was always into the arts and longed to find some inspiration in that town. Mind you, the folks back home didn’t exactly look ...


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