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Tips on choosing a minor

Coming into college and choosing a minor could be an extraordinarily hard venture, especially if you’re undecided and have yet to declare a major. When choosing a minor here are some questions that you should consider before making that heart-wrenching decision.

1.  What are you interested in?

This is one of the key questions you need to answer before choosing your minor. This will dictate every class you encounter throughout your minor ...

If you’re reading this, I am pretty sure you’re still reminiscing about bathing in the sunbeams on a beautiful Florida beach. I, too, have shared similar sentiments about my previous spring breaks, but this year’s was a little…different.

During spring break I had an unforgettable time launching my start-up music festival smartphone app, Festivus, at two music festivals: BUKU in New Orleans, LA and

5 Easy Ways To Meet Your Favorite Music Artist

The city of Atlanta has become a hub for the music scene, and Georgia State University happens to be right in the mix of it all.Have you ever considered the music industry?

Here are 5 Easy Ways To Meet Your Favorite Music Artist:


1. Find out who manages your favorite artist and follow them on Twitter. ...

This Too Shall Pass

“Because, once we have overcome the defeats–and we always do–we are filled with a greater sense of euphoria and confidence. In the silence of our hearts, we know that we are proving ourselves worthy of the miracle of life.”

-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Have you ever had to walk in the bitter cold on a winter’s day in February? Usually, there is no sign ...

D2L: When textbooks are passe

“So, finish up your assignment and upload it on Desire2Learn by 11 p.m., next day of class,” Dr. Wong said. “What if we don’t finish it till then?” someone asked. “Well, it won’t accept your assignment after the deadline!”

Imagine, being rapped on the knuckles by a learning repository! “Of course, I won’t let it do that to you,” Dr. Wong added, with a wink.

In spring 2013, Georgia ...

Dodge that flu!

I keep hearing time and again from the media that we students are going back to school in one of the worst flu seasons ever, and I’m wondering if there are ways to fortify myself so I don’t end up sick.  Being a student, it is easy to get run down and overworked, not eat healthy, not sleep. I think we need to guard against it because these things ...

Product Development, CRM and Lunch

Some events at GSU not only impart education but also reveal the human side of the professors.

If you pursue the certificate in brand and customer management, you’ll be taking classes that are a brand apart! Two of the classes, namely Product Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), are with Dr. V Kumar, a legendary genius in academia, noted for his contributions toward CRM models. Dr. Kumar — also ...

Usually, when a new semester begins for college students across the U.S., it means one thing: another three months of the same routine. Fortunately, at Georgia State we’re not just any college students from across the nation. What do I mean? Well, we’re celebrating our centennial. Still not following? In other words, it’s been 100 years since Georgia State began as an evening school affiliated with Georgia Tech in ...

Climbing Maslow’s Pyramid !

Business school is not only about case studies and onerous calculations. It’s also about fostering creativity and entertainment in a business environment; for example, simulating what we learn in real-life situations to understand better what we study in theory. Also we tend to retain our learning for a longer period if we actually experience it as we go along!

We had this instance in MBA 8115 (Strategic Communication) where we ...

Surviving Summer School

So you registered for your spring classes late, all of the available slots in one of the classes you needed filled up and now the only hope of making up for those lost credit hours is summer school? No worries!

At Georgia State University, this scenario pans out for more students than you might think. Prime example: me.

One week into my world history summer school class, I still ...

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