Chase Your Dreams and Help Others Do the Same

If you have a talent or knowledge, then it’s important to share that and give back to the community–there are many ways to give back. One way I like to give back is to work at a film summer camp here in Atlanta, Camp Flix. This year, Camp Flix held three one week sessions in which campers get to meet and learn from industry professionals and are given equipment and teams to make a film.

Many counselors at Camp Flix become more than just counselors. Sure, you make sure the campers abide by the rules, get along and don’t do anything dangerous–counselors are also teachers, advisers and even mentors.¬†Filmmaking is an intense process, and the counselors are there to help their group of campers every step of the way–from helping to hone the groups ideas and concepts all the way through exporting the final product.

Campers on set of their film.

Campers on set of their film.

On the first day, campers are welcomed to the camp and introduced to their teams and counselors. They instantly begin brainstorming ideas for their film before and after filmmaking classes lead by current industry professionals.

On the second day campers focus on finishing pre-production (script, story board, shot-list, etc), while going to classes focused on acting, lighting, writing, pitching and other elements that will help them fine tune their pre-production and production.

Wednesday is blocked entirely for production (this is where they actually get to shoot their film). There is slom time on Thursday for more filming, editing, and classes.

Antonio reviewing a camper's edit.

Antonio reviewing a camper’s edit.

The first part of Friday is for editing–the campers must finish their films before noon. There is some downtime and classes before that evening when all the campers, parents and friends come together for the red carpet premiere in which all the films are screened and the campers have a chance to talk about their films and their experiences.

Campers discussing their film and their experience at the camp.

Campers discussing their film and their experience at the camp.

It’s a great feeling to watch and help these budding filmmakers grow throughout the duration of the week and to see them return for many years as their filmmaking talents grow exponentially.

As we’re all constantly growing and moving closer to our dreams, it’s important to look back and help others on their own paths to their own dreams–you never know how your knowledge and talents might help others.