Checklist for Planning Spring Break Out Of Town

Fellow Panthers, do you realize that it’s almost time for spring break!?!?  The week of March 12-18 is quickly approaching and there’s no guarantee that your vacation will be one to remember, especially not by planning at the last minute. Even though you may be cutting it kind of close, the time to plan is now if you haven’t! Having a checklist is the perfect tool to help ensure your spring break is one for the books!


☐ Invite people to join

Hit up your friends, close acquaintances, or whoever you’d have a great time with! Keep in mind who you’re asking, as they will have to be willing and able to pay toward fees and participate in planned festivities. The last thing that you want is someone tagging along who isn’t prepared for the trip.


☐ Decide where you want to go

Spring break does not necessarily mean “travel outside of the country”. Don’t get me wrong, some people are lucky enough to do so. However, taking a road trip someplace less than five hours away is okay.


☐ Think about how you will get there

Do you prefer traveling by plane, bus, car…train? Transportation options are important to think about because your friends need to know how much money they will need to dish out for a ticket or gas.

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☐ Plan where you will stay

When deciding on a hotel, rental or someone’s house, keep in mind the size of the group and everyone’s budget. Consider presenting your friends with a few options and deciding on a final location as a group.


☐ Coordinate what you will do

Research attractions that are nearby your residence for the trip. Beaches, amusement parks, museums, clubs, restaurants and shopping malls are all places you can add to your vacation itinerary. Doing a little leg work before your trip will ensure (fingers crossed) that you always have something to do.


☐ Have fun!

Once everyone has agreed to chip-in as a group and your reservations are confirmed, it’s time pack your suitcase and have fun in the sun!

Whether you plan on traveling to a popular destination like Panama City Beach or taking a road trip through small towns, the time to think about what you really want to do starts NOW!

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