Class of 2016, Do You Have Senioritis?

The most hectic time of year for every college student will always be finals week. But when you’re a senior that stress totally intensifies as the amount of days leading up to graduation get lower. Not to mention, there’s always a serious epidemic going around that lingers in the system of seniors not just at Georgia State, but throughout the nation. This epidemic is called Senioritis!

If you’re trying to figure out if you have the Senioritis bug take a look at these top 7 symptoms…

1. Assignments that you’ve known about since the beginning of the semester don’t seem to be important until the day before they are due.

2. The stress and roller coaster ride of job searching and interviewing takes all your energy from doing your assignments.
Frustrated at the Computer

3. You’re not able to pull an all-night study session like you use to. By 10 o’clock you are fast asleep.
Student is studying for finals and feels defeated

4. Coffee becomes mandatory.

first week of school

5. Your outfits to class start to look more like things you’d wear on a quick run to the grocery store.
Freshman dorms

6. When you contemplate skipping class everyday, but manage to find a small ounce of energy to make it there because you realize, you are still paying for it!

7. When your reasoning for everything becomes, “I am graduating!!!”

If you realized you have Senioritis remember, there are only 12 more days until graduation. Hang in there, finish strong, and  make these last few days worth the hassle for the tassel. Congratulations class of 2016, WE DID IT !

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