Dodge that flu!

I keep hearing time and again from the media that we students are going back to school in one of the worst flu seasons ever, and I’m wondering if there are ways to fortify myself so I don’t end up sick.  Being a student, it is easy to get run down and overworked, not eat healthy, not sleep. I think we need to guard against it because these things directly impact our immunity.

Hand hygiene also comes to mind. Elevator buttons, door knobs and water fountain knobs could be major carriers of the cold virus. Since it’s hard to wash and wipe hands throughout the day, it may be a good idea to carry along hand sanitizer on campus.

Another thing to do is work on improving our immunity — find interesting ways to pump ourselves with vitamin C. Think orange juice, lemonade, fruit snacks maybe!  I discovered a magic potion that keeps my immunity going: the “Green Goodness” juice available at grocery stores. One has to cultivate a taste for it because magic potions are rarely delicious! It’s chock-a-block with all the healthy yet slimy juices like aloe vera, wheatgrass, green apple, pineapple, etc. I drink it in a dessert wine glass and it’s not so bad! But that works for me. Another classmate swears by her cocktail of green tea and orange juice. You could have your own cocktail or fortifying magic potion.

I also read that one way to keep up immunity is very simply to sleep! Lack of sleep reduces the immunity of the human body, according to a sleep study conducted in Netherlands.

Finally, one fast and effective way to pre-empt the virus is vaccination. The GSU Health Center offers a flu shot for just $11. They also advise that the flu shot is more effective before you fall ill than after. Last but not the least, there is an awesome online tool that tracks the flu in your area, right down to your zipcode. It’s called

If you’ve formulated your own plan to beat the flu, don’t forget to share it with us!

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