Fun Classes to Take at the Rec Center!

Throughout the year we constantly push ourselves physically and/or verbally to maintain that “summer body” that we all desire to have. However, what happens when it hits the midpoint of summer? Do you only put in enough work to let your summer bodies last for one day in the sun? ABSOLUTELY NOT – we have to keep pushing so we can continue to be healthy. To help, I rounded up some cool fitness classes sponsored by the Rec center that can assist you get in shape and keep your shape!

1. Cycling

This class will get your body RIGHT! I’m telling you, you may leave not feeling your legs but the reward is much better than the temporary muscle pain you go through at that moment (or the next day).

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2. Ab – Blasting

Now you already know, if you want popping abs you have to learn the correct way to exercise and the right techniques to work those muscles without injuring yourself. That is why this is the perfect class for you, in addition to making healthy food choices.

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3. Boot Camp

When it’s time to kick it into high gear, what better way to handle business than to put in some hours at bootcamp. Not only will it strengthen your muscles, but it will push your cardio and endurance.

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4. Kick Boxing

Cardio? Self Defense? Ronda Rousey? Bruce Lee? OH YEAH! WHY NOT! Learn some new moves and kick around a little bit. Who needs a weapon, when YOU ARE the weapon! *wink*


5. Zumba

Get our groove on with this “dancercize”! It’s  a fun experience with good music and great instructors wanting to have a good time while working out like you. Don’t miss the next class, I heard they fill up fast!

Students working out


6. Main Gym Floor

Yes… I know this is not a class, but I have to bring this to your attention. We literally have a gym… A FULLY FREE SUPPLIED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM GYM. (for currently enrolled students only) but yeah take advantage of it. It will not last forever!


Of course I couldn’t add every class so here’s a link to the calendar so you can check it out yourself. You may find something that may suit your fancy.

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