Georgia [State], On My Mind.

I’m trying to write a good-bye post and I don’t know where to start. So, I’m just going to type whatever comes to my mind first. Here goes nothing:
To Georgia State University,
           Thank you? I think. I can’t think of a word or like a clever metaphor to compare you to. Your streets, classrooms and family playing as faculty has kept me warm and cozy for years. I never thought I’d get that close-feeling relationship with people in Atlanta, but thanks to you I always felt loved and accepted.
            Welcoming me to your campus in 2011 was probably the best day of my life. I found my calling, my new friends, and most importantly, I found myself here.  Oh, and thank you for all of the ridiculous perks you provided me with while I was here. You seriously spoiled me. From being on the side of an Atlanta Marta Bus, to appearing on the your website, inside of the your magazines, brochures and crowning me as your Homecoming Prince.  These are memories that are forever engraved in my heart.
            Love.  I think that’s what you are built on. Loving and caring for your students. You led me to my passion, to my travels across the country and to my personal happiness. There aren’t enough nouns, adjectives or verbs that can describe the feeling I get from this place.
            New York has called me to come stay with them for a while, but that’s ok, because I’ll be back to visit. Thanks to your grooming, I got 3 interviews up there with companies that like my stuff.  But don’t worry, because there are a few graduate panthers up there that will be watching after me.
            I’m going to try to end this, but I feel like I could type all day. I guess dreams to come true. Thank you for teaching me to take risks. Thank you for loving me, for me.
Stay golden GSU. Golden.
Johnny Self
Bachelor of Arts ‘14

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