My Farewell: How Georgia State Helped Me Book Major Gigs!

For the people at Georgia State that know me, they know me for being the photographer with huge dreams and aspirations. I’ve put countless hours of work into school, my job, and also photography. Working for Georgia State’s Public Relations and Marketing Communications team has taught me so much about soft skills, writing proper emails, working in a professional space, and not being afraid to reach out. Which was everything I needed for this next phase of my life. Before I sign off and graduate, here’s how I landed a couple of my first major photography gigs, such as Sprite, Journeys, and Billboard all while being a student at Georgia State:

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1. Reach out like it’s nobody’s business.

The worst thing anyone could ever say is no or ignore you, but remember “no” is never final. (It’s actually a not right now.)

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2. Constantly re-invent the wheel!

Well not really. But always push yourself and the work you create. Find new ways to execute old ideas or artwork if you can’t think of something new.


3. Stop being shy!

Once you hit school grounds there’s no time to be shy or bashful because with attending such an open campus you never know who you’ll see or run into. You could possibly bump into your next employer or someone who can elevate your career.

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Everyone is destined for their own designated path, so trying to compare yourself will lead you down the wrong road. We’re not followers at this school, we are powerful leaders that not only influence the city but everything around us.


If I can book major gigs as a student then you can do it, too. Don’t let anything hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. Just make sure to stay in communication with your family, friends, team, professors, or anyone that will hold you down.

Love you guys and I wish every single student the best in all of your endeavors! I’m out of here, but you can watch me work on Instagram: @dontemaurice

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