How to End the Summer in the City

When you’re living on campus you’re surrounded by so many different attractions that it can get a bit overwhelming when the weekend finally manages to roll around. I’ve narrowed down a few places for you to visit before summer ends:

1. Atlanta BeltLine

Take a nice bike ride (walk, run or jog!) along the BeltLine with some friends!


2. Take some friends to Centennial Park

Grab a couple pals, some blankets, some food, and have a picnic at nearby Centennial Park.


3. Explore Downtown

Take a nice walk or rent a Segway to see some of the cool secret sights of Downtown that you usually miss.



Living downtown you get a glimpse of some the rough aspects of the city. Try to get involved when you can and volunteer at some of the local shelters and organizations in the neighborhood.

Students volunteering gardening

5. Six Flags Over Georgia

Guys! It is still open! Go have a good time, ride some cool rides, and just relax. Taking time to relax is going to be crucial as the school year goes on.



Have any other ideas on how to close out the summer? Leave them in the comments!

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