How To Spring Clean Your Life Without Making A Mess

Flowers are blooming by the Student Center and students are soaking in the sun by Library Plaza. Along with celebrating the new season, right now is the perfect time to get things in order with your life and spring cleaning is the solution!

Some may assume that spring cleaning just involved taking sweaters and boots home during spring break. However, spring cleaning also refers to taking care of any inconsistencies, loose ends, and avoiding pile-up in this season of flourishing.



Weather down south will be scorching...eventually! It’s almost time to completely ditch your sweaters and heavier clothing for short sleeves and shorts. You’ll want to keep a few long sleeves on hand as Georgia weather is unpredictable. Also be sure to keep a pair of sunshades and sun screen in your book bag for ever-present UV rays.




As long as your outfit is comfy and you feel good in it you’ll be in the perfect mood to explore the city. Join a group of friends and explore a new neighborhood or plan fun outdoor activities for the weekend. Pool parties and cookouts will be revving up soon, so keep your eyes open for events hosted by clubs and organizations on campus.



With finals approaching and our involvement in extracurricular activities, we can easily neglect our families. Get from behind your phones and plan a karaoke or game night with your loved ones, or try a new restaurant for dinner if they live within driving distance. Can’t physically get together with your family? Schedule time to video chat.


Your advisor is like your best friend! They will counsel you by coordinating the best schedule and answering questions about your field of study. Set an appointment to meet with them and ensure that you are on the right track to finish off this semester.



Snow days in the beginning of the semester left some professors with no other option than to cram assignments in iCollege. Create a balance with the additional work by writing it on a calendar and carving out enough time to complete it. Organization is key to acing your last few assignments and finals!


Follow these helpful tips of spring clean your life for a bright remainder of the semester!

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