How to Survive New Student Orientation

Every student at Georgia StateUniversity has been through this long day of information sessions lasting for hours, walking all over campus, awkwardly socializing with other new students and doing some pretty important things like registering for classes and getting your PantherCard, so we understand how you feel. For those incoming freshman who have yet to attend New Student Orientation and have no idea what to expect, I got your back.

Here are my tips on how to survive New Student Orientation…

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Okay, we get it…New Student Orientation starts SUPER early in the morning, but you have to make sure that you prepare yourself for it. If you know that you’re cranky morning, go to sleep early so that you will be up and ready to go.

2. Make a new friend

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This is important! No one wants to go through orientation by themselves and you’re surrounded by a plethora of like minded individuals who are in the same position you are as a new Panther. Being thrown into a new world that is college can be overwhelming, but having someone right there with you will make much better.

3. Wear your walking shoes

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You are going to walk your butt off. Don’t try to dress up to impress your peers or current students on campus for summer semester, dress to be comfortable. If your definition of comfortable is looking fly then go for it, however make sure that you won’t be looking hurt by the end of the tour.


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Listen and pay close attention! The New Student Orientation leaders are students, and they know exactly what they are talking about. Listen to their tips, tricks, and shortcuts because they will always help you in the long run.

5.  Participate

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The best way to enjoy yourself in programs like this is to participate. Participating will help you to feel comfortable where you are. Plus we all know that when you have fun time goes by much faster, and it will be over before you know it. So forget about being cool for a second, and focus on having fun and getting to know the people around you.

6. Enjoy Yourself

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That’s really I have for you. ENJOY YOURSELF. This is the first and last time you’ll encounter a Georgia State University orientation, make it a great memory!

Want an even closer look at New Student Orientation? Checkout our Facebook Live interview with two orientation leaders and a member of GSU20:

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