If Only I Could Redo My Freshman Year…

The HOT question of this post is: if you could go back to your freshman year, what would you do differently? I know at some point in our college years we go back to thinking about what we could have done differently to better our scholastic and personal experiences, and for me I would’ve…

1. Focused more on school work

I can’t lie, I spent so much of my freshman year trying to make a household name for myself and having fun that I forgot about how important school was. I know that may sound crazy, but it’s true. I didn’t see the importance of school at that time, and I will say that my grades reflected it. Like many college graduates say, your grades your first year are a reflection of the rest of your college years. If you started off below the bar, push yourself higher and don’t make that saying true for yourself!

*sn: My grades are amazing now, btw. I got my life together.

Intensive English Program

2. Used the recreational center

WE HAVE A FREE GYM! Well it’s technically not free since we paid for it with our tuition, but it’s there. We have no excuse as to why we can not stay healthy, exercise, learn some new practices and just ultimately have fun. The recreational center houses so many cool and different classes, and you can learn how to play a new sport as well.  Not to mention we have a pool AND rock climbing wall!

Recreation Services Programs  Facilities

3. Talked to my professors

Every year I hear that having a chance to converse with your professor will automatically place you on their good meter. It’s worth it especially at the end when you need some extra credit to pump up your grade a little bit. Ultimately, you want to have good communication with your professor, he or she’s the guardian of your grade and if it’s a class that you need to graduate then they are one of the guardians of whether you’re graduating or not.

professor michael shapiro with students in 55 park place

4. Went home less often

Going home a lot will cause you to miss some really great events. During the school year events go on almost every single day and you never know what will happen or who will show up! Plus there’s a guarantee that you’ll have more fun on campus than you will at home anyway.

First Day Back of Spring

If you could redo your freshman year, what would you do differently?

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