It’s the FIRST GAME of the Season!

We’ve arrived to the point of the year where our football team will need you all the most, their season. The first game of the season is upon us, so you know what that means… IT’S TIME TO TURN UP and represent our school to the fullest!

If you don’t have plans to attend here are a few reasons why you should reconsider, read some literature on the subject…and go!

1. There will be a pregame concert and it’s FREE!

The Blue Lot will turn into an outdoor venue (but not really). Thanks to Spotlight Programs Board 7 Sharp 9 Band will open for Atlanta’s very own F.L.Y. at 4 p.m. And we all know how much we love a good swag surf, remember last year’s basketball game?


2. There are a million tailgates!

When you go to a football game there is no doubt in the world that you will be excited and hyped up from beginning to end, because the tailgates start it off everytime! You can hop from one to another enjoying free food, games, and meeting fellow panthers with the same energy as you!

First Tailgate for Football Game

3. This is your time, unleash your inner Panther!

The energy that explodes in the building is incredible! This is your time to express yourself: yell, scream, shout, dance, talk trash, and show spirit. This is the type of support that our football team needs and deserves!


4. Enjoy the awesome halftime show.

The Georgia State Band, Pantherettes, and the cheerleading team all work together to provide AWESOME entertainment full of dance moves, formations, huge smiles and everything else to make a great show!



5. You don’t have to drive.

We all know that Atlanta traffic is a nightmare, but you won’t have to worry about the stress of driving because there will be shuttle service leaving the Commons/Citizen Bank Trust area and G-Deck, and taking you to the Blue Lot. Panther_Bus

6. Enjoy yourself!

Let go of the thoughts of how much homework you have and what’s on your to-do list. Just wrap yourself up in the game and all the excitement and have a great time with fellow students, alum and all the other members of the Georgia State community.



***If you do make your way to the game, be sure to keep the Dome’s bag policy in mind.


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