Keep Calm and Use These Study Tips for Finals


In the transition from high school to college one of the hardest things I had to learn was how study.In high school, school came natural to me. In college , I took my first microeconomics course and realized that I had to really devote some effort into learning good study habits. Lucky for you I’ll share 5 awesome study tips that I’ve picked up over the course of my 4 year undergraduate experience.

1.Location, Location, Location:

Location is everything, even with studying, find a space that motivates you to get in the zone. For me that was the floor of the library in a corner or the community center at Piedmont Central.

2.Dont rely on the study guide:

Most times I tried to do exactly what was on the study guide and nothing more or less. Professors like to use passages directly from the text and lectures on the test! Buy the book or borrow it from a classmate for a few days. Really make sure you know the material beyond the study guide.

3.Don’t procrastinate:

We all do it! We think we can cram and have enough to know all the material. I felt that was a good way to study because the information was fresh on my mind but when I studied a day or two days before the information became so much easier to remember and apply ! Just try studying at least one day before you planned. As a result you’ll see you remember more and your test scores increase.

4. Make friends in class.

It’s not to late: Having a reliable study buddy can be effective. No, I’m not talking about those study groups where you go to the library with intentions to study and end up talking for hours. Find a friend in class who you can call and text while your studying that will help you if you get stuck on a topic.

5. Relax its just another test:

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed during college finals week. Be sure to manage your anxiety. Listen to calming music, add working out to your schedule or breathing deeply. Drink more lemon water then coffee. It will help you detox but also give you a boost of energy! Remember, finals time is a stressful time but You Got This ! Keep calm and study on!

5 Responses to Keep Calm and Use These Study Tips for Finals

  1. thankyou so much for sharing these tips here. im a student of mba colleges in kerala . my final exams will start within 3 months but i cant even concentrate on my studies. your tips are just fabulous. im sure these tips will help me to concentrate on my studies and there by scoring high marks. thank you.

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