Leaves Changing, Scarves Hanging

Fall Layering I know what you are thinking: Fall is here and you need to buy a huge coat and gloves that will last the whole season. WRONG. Since I’ve attended Georgia State, I have seen various interpretations of what I like to call “Jumbo Jacket Syndrome.” People buy these huge jackets that completely swallow them just to stay warm while they are outside — not to mention that it’s about a thousand degrees inside. Then they are stuck carrying these jumbo jackets while they’re working or hanging out on campus.

Think you have this “Jumbo Jacket Syndrome”?  I have a solution for you: It’s called layering. I am aware that this technique is not new, nor did I originate it, but I feel as if a majority of people forget how to properly do it. Here are two very simple examples of layering to keep in mind next time you are destroying your closet looking for something to wear to plaza, panther prowl or anything social:

  1. Cardigan: You can wear it over a tee or layer it under a blazer. Or, layer it over a tee and under a blazer all at once. Ta-da! You now have three layers, replacing one huge jacket. And now you can get creative with the colors, since you have three pieces rather than that one boring, dull gray jacket. Awesome, right?
  2.  Scarf: You can change an entire outfit with a scarf. This season, the bigger the better. So go for thick knits and lean toward a selection of earth tones and bold colors. By bold, I don’t mean highlighter pink — I mean, for example, a scarlet scarf that adds a bolt of energy to shades of gray. Get it?

Last but not least, Panthers, add your own style to it. Follow some basic rules, but add your flair that makes the outfit you. Georgia State is known for its fashion — let’s keep this reputation going!



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  1. I personally love the scarf <3….and have a picture on my phone that has 25 different ways to wear/wrap it lol…and living up north in Chicago/Detroit for a while the jumbo jacket doesn't feel needed down here lol

  2. haha Thanks Ashleigh! Yeah Chicago is one windy place. I wish we could borrow some of their snow sometimes!

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