Making the Rec. Center Part of Your Schedule

Oh, the joys of spring semester: beautiful weather, no more Atlanta Falcons games to watch desperately hoping they win, and spring break. Yes, spring break. The most coveted break by college students across the nation next to Thanksgiving—who doesn’t love a great turkey?

During the first week of the semester, the ink was barely dry from the papers most college students wrote their list of New Year’s Resolutions on, and as a result the Rec. Center was packed with spring break-ready-body-hopefuls who will probably stop going this month.  No one wants to be that gal or guy who is faithful to the Rec. Center for a month and then drops off the face of the earth to never be seen again until next January. Here are 5 simple tips on making the Rec. Center part of your schedule this semester.

1. Wake up earlier


Not only will you be able to workout prior to that 9 am class of yours, you’ll get more done during the day because of it.

2. Invest in a locker

Gone are the days you were unprepared when your friend said, “hey lets go to the gym this afternoon!” Having a locker in the Rec. Center to keep your workout clothes in is inexpensive, effective, and reliable. Checkout the Georgia State Rec. Center website for more information.

3. Dress the part

Rec Center14-0070
Nothing says how serious you are about making the Rec. Center part of your schedule like a few new workout outfits. Right?

4. Set aside 30 minutes everyday

Make attending the Rec. Center a part of your life. Even if it’s just for a 30 minute walk around the track.

5. Speak to a trainer at the Rec. Center

rec center student stock
You’ll receive invaluable information that will help you workout safely and consistently.

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