(Maymester + Math ≠ Pool Time)

It’s the last day of Maymester Math Modeling, and I am so relieved it is over! The only thing that got me through two and a half hours of quadratic functions and logarithmic equations plus five more hours of studying was knowing that it would all be over in three weeks!

I’ve never been good at math, so I avoided taking it at all costs. Unfortunately, I had to take it in order to graduate in December. I was conflicted at first about taking such a difficult course at an accelerated pace, but there is no way I could have taken that kind of stress for a whole semester. Also, I was pretty much doing math eight hours a day — something I could not have done if I had other courses to focus on as well.

Overall, I’m glad I got the math course over with, but I wouldn’t bother with Maymester for a course I could easily do during a regular semester. One thing I definitely learned in algebra was this equation: (Maymester + Math ≠ Pool Time).

The pool looks lonely without me!



 Georgia State

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