My work being noticed by TIME, People magazine, NY Daily News and LA Times

Hey people!

If you follow my posts you may or may not know by now that I do personal work for hip-hop artist 2Chainz. It all started with going on tour with him and Nicki Minaj, and that has led me to a very cool, unique experience. I can almost bet that no one knows that 2Chainz suffers from stomach ulcers and is allergic to various types of food. (You didn’t know that, did ya?) Well, to resolve the issue, he has a personal chef (Chef Aleem) who prepares all of his cravings while on the road. Just like all of us, he too posts photos of his beautifully prepared meals to his social media platforms (Instagram, mainly) and his pictures have unexpectedly gotten a lot of traffic — enough attention to make him ponder the thought, “Hmmm, maybe I should release a cookbook for my fans…”

I know what you are thinking: “Rapper? Cookbook?… WHAT?” But trust me, these aren’t just regular dishes, these are hand-crafted meals that anyone can prepare. Now, if 2Chainz wants to create a cookbook, then someone has to photograph it, right?

I got a call asking if I wanted to take on the assignment. When asked if I have ever shot food before I said no, other than a couple of Instagram shots. It was going to be my first time, but I work well with a challenge.

Johnny Self Atlanta Photography 2 Chainz Cookbook
Long story short, we shot more than 14 dishes in just about 7 hours. I was tired and full by the end! The best part about this experience was that I got to eat (well, attempt to eat) all of the food after it was prepared. I’m talking chicken marsala, lobster tail, crab legs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lamb chops and more.

I def gained a pound (or two) after the shoot. Here are some snapshots from behind the scenes and the finished product of the cookbook:

Johnny Self Atlanta Photography 2 Chainz Cookbook
Oh, and did I mention that each cookbook is specially placed inside each and every 2Chainz album? :-)

How cool is that? Available at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, iTunes, etc.

Johnny Self Atlanta Photography 2 Chainz Cookbook

You know where to find me,

Johnny Self


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