Spring Break Fever? Here’s the Cure

Spring BreakOne of the most anticipated and sought-after moments in a college student’s spring semester, next to their graduation, is spring break. Especially for graduating seniors, spring break is the time to make lasting memories with friends you’ll soon part with, act foolishly because you’re young, and sing your last hoo-rahs before entering the real world.

But let’s face it. Spring break falls in the middle of the term, which means you’ll still have to pass your classes when you get back from whatever drunken beach in Florida you escaped to. And if you’re professors are just as thoughtful as mine, you’ll probably have three or four exams, a couple projects and a paper due as soon as you return. Of course, you don’t want to be the lonesome guy who decides to sleep on his parents’ couch all week; however, you also don’t want to party so hard that your friends have to carry you back to Georgia in a body-cast.

It’s all about balance. Everyone wants to live carefree and forget about the world on spring break, which is great! Just be organized.

Plan your trip in advance. Last minute vacations usually result in overwhelming costs and chaos.

Leave a weekend ahead. Come back the weekend before. If you can, leave the weekend before spring break week so that you’ll have a little more time to have fun. This way you can return a couple days before classes and recuperate.

Partner Up. Find a study buddy in your class and split up the work and/or make a study guide for your exam or assignment that’s due after spring break. This means less work and more play for both of you.

Think ahead. It’s always a good idea to do your work before the trip so you won’t have to worry about cramming.

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