Surviving Summer School

Summer School Georgia State So you registered for your spring classes late, all of the available slots in one of the classes you needed filled up and now the only hope of making up for those lost credit hours is summer school? No worries!

At Georgia State University, this scenario pans out for more students than you might think. Prime example: me.

One week into my world history summer school class, I still couldn’t believe I was missing out on chances to go on mini-vacations or enjoy the weather on a Florida beach because I was stuck in downtown Atlanta. I mean, come on! What made things worse was when my roommate, Johnny Self, went across the country on a tour with recording artists 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj. After all, schoolwork first, right?

Surviving summer school was no easy task but I made it through, and you can too! Below I have listed a few pointers on getting by during those few weeks at Georgia State.

  • Study, Study, Study
    • If you’re anything like me, distractions can be crucial when attempting to complete homework or study for an exam. Finding a nice, quiet space will allow you to focus on your school assignments. Take advantage of the fact that Georgia State is out for the summer and many of your peers will be nowhere to be found!
    • Visiting the library and actively reviewing once a day can help lighten your weekly workload and keep you on top of your studies. The fifth floor, also known as the quiet floor, of the library became my favorite place to hang out after my class.
    • Some summer classes, such as Maymesters, move at an accelerated pace, so make sure you avoid procrastinating on your assignments. You’ll find that once you have completed them you will feel increasingly stress-free!
  • Pick up a summer job
    • For the students who are used to making money during the summer, picking up a summer job could help. There are many student assistant positions available at Georgia State over the summer. For more information on these positions, check out
    • Be sure to make a schedule so that your different obligations will not overlap.
    • Always be upfront with yourself. If you know that you are taking a hard class this summer, do not try to pick up a full time job.
  • Last, but certainly not least: Set aside time for fun and relaxation!
    • Time management is essential because you want to set aside time for yourself and your social life as well.
    • Take some time out of your week or day to do something you enjoy. It will not only keep your spirits up, but help you maintain sanity as well!
    • The recreational center is also an option at Georgia State if you’re willing to lose that “freshman 15.”

For any of you taking or planning to take summer classes, I hope you found this information beneficial. Remember, anything worth having is worth working for. I encourage you to do your best during summer school and have fun as well!


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