Tay’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide

Brace Yourself.

You are about to enter the dark abyss of every college students’ nightmares: Finals Week.


You will not sleep.

You will not eat.

You will not remember your own name.


You will become slightly depressed and wonder why you skipped that one class so many times.

You will find every excuse to not study and will become easily distracted.

You will have to teach yourself an entire semester’s worth of a class.

You will complain. You will yell. You will cry.


This is the week where every college campus turns into a scene of The Walking Dead.

But mercifully, it is only one week. And one student has revealed her secrets on how you can overcome the horror of this treachery…

Tay’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide


Hello, I’m Taylor and you have found my survival guide. Use it wisely and you shall succeed.

There is still hope. You can still pass that class! All you need to do is find the “little engine that could” that lives within each of us and let that voice speak louder than anything else.

You CAN do this! And with the help of the pages within my guide, you WILL do this.



1. No matter how tempted you are DO NOT start a new series on Netflix. We all know what happens when we press play…before we know it we are 3 seasons in, we look back at ourselves in the reflections of our laptops and we wonder who we are.

social media

2. Stop refreshing your feed! It’s exactly the same as it was 1 minute ago. You need to log out of all of your social media accounts. If logging off isn’t enough, have a friend change your passwords for you and you change theirs for them.

(That way you will both get some studying done and neither one of you can blackmail the other without fear of retaliation.)

study group

3. If you do better studying with others, find a group of classmates to form a study group. Make sure that you will do more studying than socializing with this group. However, this will also be a good time to let off steam and vent about how hard the class is or how much you all despise the professor. Free therapy.


4. This may be your first time entering the library all semester, but at least you finally made it there! Reserve group study rooms or head up to the 5th floor for some quiet time. Be careful, you may be shushed if you are obnoxious. Grab some coffee at Saxby’s. The library is open until 2am, so no excuses!

hang in there

5. Although finals are rough, it is only one week of your life. Push hard and just get it done. Once this week is over you can sleep as much as you want during the break. And after you see your final grades, you will be proud of yourself for not giving up.


And remember, only 5 more months until the next finals week.

Until next time…Muhahahaha.



Taylor, Fellow Finals Victim

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