The 10 Apps You’ll Need To Survive at Georgia State University

College isn’t the most painless place to be, but with these apps you’ll be sure to lighten the load of your undergraduate year.


  1. The Georgia State University App
    • Trying to keep up with Georgia State Events by word of mouth can be a hassle, and having to ask someone for direction can be pretty bothersome as well. Now with our app you have a 2 in 1 feature plus more of Georgia State awesomeness to guide you through your year.


2. Mathway App

  • Having Mathway by your side is like having your own little mathematical assistant. It can solve almost any problem, anytime and anywhere without even having to use wifi.


3. Study Blue Flashcards

  • The easiest flashcard maker to date, if you’re a visual and tactile learner this is the best app for you. Your phone is meant for multitasking, so text and study away.


4. Duo Lingo

  • This app is a free language learning machine, it’s designed to help you progress through the lessons while learning the basics of what ever language you need to learn.



  • As a college student we all know how time consuming writing a bibliography can be. Cut down what could take an hour to 10 minutes with this EasyBib app made specially for us students.


6. Self Control (Mac User)

  • Even though this app is strictly for MacUsers, Self Control has to be the one of the convenient apps of our time. As students we constantly get distracted with twitter, youtube, and other social media which holds us back from accomplishing assignments at an earlier time. Now we don’t have to worry about that.


7. Dropbox

  • Dropbox is like your free online flash drive. You can post anything from pictures to powerpoint presentations and you will be able to pull it up anywhere on any computer.


8. Venmo

  • This app was made for college students, we no longer have to take out cash to pay our friends back. All you have to do is add your bank account to the app and pop money to your friends, no matter what amount.


9. myHomework

  • This has to be one of the easiest ways to keep up with an homework assignment. It not only tells you when your assignment is due, but it keeps you up to date on when it’s coming and if you happen to go over some days.


10. Chegg

  • We all know this website. This is one of the cheapest ways to rent your books for school and it even has free shipping.





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8 Responses to The 10 Apps You’ll Need To Survive at Georgia State University

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  3. Mathway app is one much needed app.

  4. Been using Self Control and DropBox for a long time. They are very useful apps. Will try rest of them for sure. Few other apps I recommend is TutuApp

  5. Tho a bit distracting but been using ShowBox for long time it is a movie app that allows you to stream online in hd – not always but this is good app. Do add it in list, Donte.

  6. Dropbox is one of my favorite app, like we have flash drive anywhere anytime

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