The Best Study Spots on Campus

1. The Library

If you want to feel motivated to finish all your homework and also have that push to study for your test, this is one of the best places to get it done.

14-0070 Library Stock

2. The Balcony at Aderhold

This happens to be one of the most quiet places on the campus, not to leave out the beautiful Atlanta view to add that different touch to your normal studying environment.

First Day of School

3. The Swings at Unity Plaza

One of the most popular locations during the spring and summer seasons, this is the place to study when you want to relax and get some fresh air.


4. The Courtyard

In the Student Center next to one of the great cafes on campus, this provides you with  minimal noise surroundings, study booths, and some snacks just in case you get hungry.


5. Centennial Hall Lobby

One of the more quieter buildings on campus, it allows for spacious surroundings, comfortable seats, and an abundant amount of outlets if your electronics need some charging.


6. The Water Fountains ( across the street from 25 Park Place)

If you like to hear the sound of water flow when you’re studying this is the most perfect place for you. Especially on days where the weather is perfect to study in, you always have a seat by the fountain.

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7. Housing Community Study Room

This place is made for your studying habits and enjoyment. If you want to grab a couple friends for a study session, your community room is the ideal place for it.



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