The Transition From a Cow To a One Way

Cow On Campus Flat. That’s the first word I think of when I think of my hometown. I would have said small, but everyone is from a “small town” nowadays. Adairsville is the name of the one-stoplight town where I lived prior to my transfer to Georgia State. I was always into the arts and longed to find some inspiration in that town. Mind you, the folks back home didn’t exactly look forward to a GQ magazine every month like I did — my craft as a photographer and my interest in fashion was somewhat frowned upon.

Little did I know that 64 miles south from my driveway was a university in downtown Atlanta. I wasn’t exactly a caveman — I knew of Atlanta and had visited a handful of times, but never had I explored or been aware of downtown schooling. One time I was taking a friend to the airport and on my way back home I made a mistake and took a wrong turn. I saw the words “Downtown Atlanta” on a big green sign and said,” Hey, why not?” The wrong turn I made then changed my life indefinitely.

As I started exploring the area I kept seeing Georgia State University signs, and what I call the “snowball” effect indeed happened. I fell in love with the area, the school, the people, the art and all of the inspiration I was getting. I closed my eyes and knew I was in a comfort zone — a dream come true, if you will. I did my research, made sure my GPA was high enough and was accepted to GSU as a 2011 transfer student. I have networked and succeeded so far in my college career as a GSU Panther, and I unquestionably adore being a student in the city.

343 Responses to The Transition From a Cow To a One Way

  1. Spot on. Aville is so flat. But hey, from flat lands to flat bills to phat skills, right?

  2. lol, you are hilarious. But yes, that sounds bout right!

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