The Truth About Spending Your Refund Check

When it comes to spending your coveted refund check, here’s the truth you’re probably ignoring…

1. Your refund check is not “free money”

Unless you haven’t taken a single loan out and your scholarships cover your tuition and fees, and then some, your refund check is not “free money.” Trust me, I’ve been there. As tempting as it may be to spend it all on everything but your education, you’ll eventually have to pay those student loans off. My advice is to begin paying your student loans with your refund check before you graduate.

2. Your refund check is not a part-time job

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Chances are your future employer will not accept “refund check” as a previous experience on your resume. But seriously, you should really consider getting a part-time job during the semester. College prepares you to go out and conquer the job market with a diploma and valuable work experience under your belt. Georgia State makes it easy to find part-time work on campus. Visit Panther Career Net now to see available on campus positions.

Instead of spending your refund check on fancy vacations or your monthly Netflix subscription, you can actually save it so you can borrow less money for tuition and fees next semester.

3. If you must spend your refund check, spend it wisely

Housing and Transportation: If you’re a commuter student who doesn’t live at home with their parents/guardian(s) like me, you’ll need money for housing and transportation while attending school. If your refund checks allow you to live near campus while keeping your expenses down, go for it!

Books & Supplies: Almost every college student dreads the word “required” next to the name of the textbook on their syllabi. Luckily, many college students receive refund checks that can be used to purchase their textbooks. If your refund check allows you to purchase all of the books and supplies you need, buy them. Renting your textbook from a website like Chegg may be the least expensive option, especially if your goal is to save as much of your refund check as possible.

Repayment: Yes I know, you saw this one coming. If you have the option to do so, repaying your student loans will make your life easier in the long run. Remembering your refund check is actually debt that has an interest rate that must be paid off in full is all the convincing you’ll need.

Have a refund check story or some advice to share? Please leave us a comment below!

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