Things Freshman Need To Know

Beginning college is one of the first great steps you can ever take in life, and if you’re a first generation college student like me, you probably have absolutely no idea what to expect. Here’s a guide of  things you should know as you begin your new journey.

1. Your education is more important.

Don’t get so distracted by the parties and all the fun extracurriculars. If you have work that you have to do, it’s better to complete it nice and early.

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2. Time management is key.

If there’s a big party you want to attend on a Thursday night, prioritize and get your work done early in the day so you go out and enjoy it.

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3. The library is the place to be.

Studying in your room comes with many distractions, so don’t do it to yourself. Head to the library where it’s quiet and you’ll be able to focus; I promise you’ll get everything done faster there.

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4. Use all of your resources.

Georgia State University has so many programs, organizations, and offices that can help with whatever goals you have set for yourself . Don’t be shy, reach out! You never know what will open up for you.

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5. Take advantage of extra credit.

Extra credit is a rare commodity. Not many classes get that pleasure, so always do it because it will help you more than it will hurt you.

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6. Learn how to start budgeting.

We all love to spend money on things that we want, but you never know what will come up. Start saving and budgeting your money so you can avoid seeing a $ .50 balance in your bank account.

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College is a colossal explosion of freedom. Take risks, study abroad and travel, go to museums, explore Atlanta, and make your dreams come true….there’s no time better than now!

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