Things You Take for Granted in College

By: Ashton Brasher

My days as a college student are numbered. That fact both excites and terrifies me. One thing is for sure, the past four years have been overwhelmingly great. College brings a lot of hardship for many. It’s expensive, it comes with a lot of hard decisions, friendships grow and fail, and so much more. That said, there’s so much we don’t realize the value of during this unique chapter of life. So, if you’re reading this and your journey has just begun, here is my take on a few of the things we often take for granted as college students.

1. Relatively constant change and variety
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As we move into our careers and lives after college, many of us will fall into somewhat of a routine. In college, every few months you get to start over with new classes, new internships, new organizations, etc. Most people don’t see that kind of frequent change again.

2. Being surrounded on all sides by dynamic, motivated people who like the same things as you
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College is filled with great people–especially at Georgia State. There’s something special about sitting in a classroom surrounded by people who are just as passionate about your same interests that you may not experience in the same way again.

3. An entire staff of individuals dedicated almost solely to your success
In college, we have innumerable resources at our disposal. Need a resume edited? Have a quick question about your classes? Need some career counseling? Want some help finding an internship? There’s a person, or perhaps even a team of people, for all of those things and so many more. That’s not so much the case in life after college.

4. A free gym membership
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Need I really say more? You’ll most likely never find a gym this awesome for free again.

5. Access to fun, professional, and educational programming
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There is seriously always something going on around here. Just last week, I saw several flyers for Greek life events, community service activities, leadership workshops, distinguished speakers, fun activities, free food, and study groups. These things are unique to the college experience.

Life after college is going to be awesome, no doubt. But let’s all vow to not take these years for granted. They’re irreplaceable.