This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

“Because, once we have overcome the defeats–and we always do–we are filled with a greater sense of euphoria and confidence. In the silence of our hearts, we know that we are proving ourselves worthy of the miracle of life.”

-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Have you ever had to walk in the bitter cold on a winter’s day in February? Usually, there is no sign of life. The trees are naked and bare. The grey overcast clouds make everything outside appear dingy and grey. Feeling forced to get to your destination, you walk into the Devil’s freezer and think to yourself, “God, when will it Spring!?” Weeks pass, you walk outside, and it is still cold… Now the thought of spring even existing is foreign to you. For all you know, right now, is the bitter cold.

The winter becomes your only reality…until sooner or later something magical happens. The sun begins to break through the clouds, its beams gently gleam on your face, and suddenly you are given a sense of hope. Gracefully, you are reminded that even the coldest winter will eventually pass and life will begin anew in spring. The grueling struggles of life, too, seem to work like this. When I was a child and I would go through tough times, my grandmother resembled the Sun. She always gave me a sense of peace, reassurance, and hope. Her saying was, “This too shall pass.”

The spring semester of 2014 brought me a plethora of unexpected twists and turns. Classes were harder than ever, relationship problems brought undesired heartache, and my uncle passed away. These issues affected my social life, job-life, and even had a negative impact on my academics. My life seemed to seriously suck and this was coming from a guy who, usually, is outgoing, positive, and optimistic. I would never have thought I could hit an all time low like this. Going through that pain was like walking for weeks in the fridge bitterness of a cold winter.

Many of my friends and family offered their support and piece of advice, but it didn’t seem to make my struggle any easier. I still had to walk my path alone and I still had to just get through it. It was only until I finished my last final that I felt a sense of instant relief. I finally made it through and the next day the Sun shined brighter than ever. I often ponder if life brings us winter, death, and pain just to make us appreciate spring, life, and joy. So, yes, saying that, “everything will be okay” is rather cliché. I simply wish to remind us that no matter whatever struggles, heartache, and pain that life will bring, it too shall pass. The spring and the warmth of the Sun will come again.

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  1. Paulo asks people to change what they’re stating to each other. He keeps in mind the end goal to think of answers that best serve the nation and make sense of what to do when we get entered. The cliches we take are sometimes very hard to bear, especially if you are one of the best in your social group.

    And that’s simply an issue of time. Depressions are frequent there days and these are students mostly who are responsible for them says Chloe Nelson, engineer, writer from investigations and research center. Students have the largest heap of tasks and psychological tension.

    Amid his address, Paulo Coelho more than once said in Alchemist both sides needed to conquer that break. Spring comes, after all, and we imagine a new world full of positive emotions and tranquility. Birds sing and warmth of nature covers us and makes everyone smile.

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